My Work

Hello! Thanks for dropping by! I’m a budding creator and while I may not be going into a field immediately relevant to New Media, I hope to still use my stills here to amplify my work elsewhere. In the meantime, I’ve taken a few personal projects and you can see them below. Don’t forget to check my NMI Portfolio!

Table of Contents

Bubble Cafe Design Work

After Athen’s local bubble tea cafe moved its location to the main street in downtown Athens, they went through a major rebrand and part of that rebrand was the conversion to digital menus so I designed those as well as their punch card. The graphics shown below may not be exactly accurate to what they look like in-store as the menu changes pretty regularly.

Main Menu Design

2. Loyalty Card Design

3. Poke Ordering Menu

Misc. Design Work

After wanting a tattoo for the longest time, I made it in Illustrator and brought it to the tattoo artist as a reference.

It’s a red spider lily.

One of the many logos I made for unofficial clients (eg friends). His last name is Winter so I thought to do a snowflake motif with his design and this is how it turned out. 🙂

Unfortunately, I lost the original file for this so what you’re looking at is a photo I took on my phone of the design on a computer screen, hence the graininess. T^T